One-on-One Work

This work is about whole person leadership — exploring the most effective ways for leaders to address opportunities and challenges, always aligning head, heart and spirit to create a more just, sustainable and humane world.
— Deb Nelson, Former Executive Director, Social Venture Network
This is the work of the soul, the internal work that allows for shifting mindset and heartset. This work is vital to business and how we move toward a just, harmonious and sustainable planet.
— Rha Goddess, Founder, Move the Crowd

Facilitating Group Work

“There are seminars and lectures and tutorials — and then there is the experience of learning about shared leadership by the team at Global Round Table Leadership. It’s, well, magic, is the word that comes to mind. When a room full of people practice listening with their whole brains and hearts, when we understand that leadership comes from anywhere and in all shapes and sizes, when the contours of a new understanding of how to be better all together come into focus, that’s when a new way of being and leading in the world becomes possible. But you won’t know that until you get in the room with Global Round Table Leadership.”
— Allison Fine, guide and thought leader in the "social media revolution"
This work impacted our organization by bringing the team together, breaking down functional silos and helping us move through conflict. We have a clearer purpose and more accountability, and we are reaching much more positive results.
— Michelle Gibson, former President & CEO, Icestone, LLC
Lori’s clarity of vision, her peaceful presence, and her skillful facilitation skills helped our team to find our way to a mission, vision, and action plan that we love and to which we are all committed. She is generous with her time and extensive expertise, and creates a space where creativity and higher purpose can flourish. We are so grateful!
— Yael Shy, NYU Center for Spiritual Life
GRTL’s facilitation helped us realize it’s not just about getting the work done, but how we do it. When we started paying more attention to the process and interacting with each other authentically, we were much more effective. And it was so much more meaningful.
— Anders Ferguson, Veris Wealth Partners

Community Building

We tuned in to where faculty, students and staff were at and what our community needed to move towards growth and wholeness. We created an environment that was optimal for learning.
— Mary Karis, Program Coordinator, MBA in Managing for Sustainability, Marlboro Graduate School
Lori brings a gift of presence and attention to her work in facilitating groups. Leading meetings of our MBA program Lori creates a space of equality and openness among a diverse group of professionals, academics and students, inviting the group to come together to address challenges, make decisions and celebrate accomplishments.
— Sean Conley, Associate Dean for Graduate & Professional Studies, Marlboro College

Conference Stewardship

Lori’s stewardship of the second annual Slow Living Summit was like having a thread that holds the fabric together. Her words of wisdom and amazing stage presence helped participants find space to integrate the true meaning of Slow Living internally
— Orly Munzing, Executive Director & Founder, Slow Living Summit / Strolling of the Heifers

About Lori Hanau

Lori Hanau is one of the most skilled facilitators I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is an attentive and thoughtful listener, a patient and kind sounding board, and a brilliant processor. She is able to “hear” what hasn’t been said and make space for what needs to be said. She is truly gifted in the art of facilitation.
— Marcella Runnell Hall, NYU Center for Spiritual Life
Lori is extremely skilled at uncovering each person’s unique gifts and insights. She’s a natural at getting people engaged, connected and inspired, constantly practicing the art of what’s possible.
— Deb Nelson, Former Executive Director, Social Venture Network