Igniting our human potential to work courageously together by harnessing the genius of our grand diversity.


We support conscious* companies, campuses and communities through shared leadership development to build vibrant workplace cultures, bringing forth the best of their humanity.

*conscious=becoming, aware, grappling, growing

Founded in 2002, GRTL engages people across all sectors in leadership and cultural development to build flourishing relationships with one’s self, one another and the systems of which we are a part.

This vision arose in response to the dominant cultural paradigm of production over people, roles over relationships and separation over systems thinking. GRTL recognizes that, while this system leads to output and profit in the short-term, it lacks the essential qualities needed for long term sustainability. GRTL’s vision emphasizes the need to steward the positive qualities of our humanity — our wholeness, equality, collective wisdom and strength of spirit — to create thriving, resilient systems.



Our logo contains three runes:

Gyfu: which means “gift” (this is the central image, look for the “x” on its side)

Tyr: which means ultimate victory after courageous sacrifice (those are the “arrows” pointing inward)

Ken: which means Light, Inspiration, and Fire kindled. It tends to be a bit sudden. (the two “c”s that make up the “x” of Gyfu).

Those who gather around the Round Table are attracted by the light of inspiration, shedding light into the places that were previously in the dark, even suddenly, knowing that they will need to be courageous and sacrifice their old stories and habits in order to serve what is in the middle of them.

The Gift of each other, giving and receiving, which forms an inextricable link to each other. That relationship has a very narrow passage, the center of the “x” and needs to be free and clear from any clutter, any “stuff”, old patterns that get in the way of being open and authentic in the generosity of self giving to others and receiving from others.

The other story of our logo hails from lore. The Round Table from Arthur’s legend failed. Why? They were not willing to be courageous and sacrifices their old stories and habits. The knights went off searching for the Holy Grail; the one thing that promised them enlightenment. So they broke themselves apart, siloing themselves, rather than coming together.

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While they were saying it couldn’t be done, it was done.
— Helen Keller