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GRTL Founder, Lori Hanau is a contributing writer for Conscious Company Magazine, offering insights on the philosophy and practices inspired by and intrinsic to her Shared Leadership Framework™. The following articles have appeared both in print and/or online editions. Click on the article titles to read the full articles.

Conscious Company Magazine

January/February 2017: Your Company Has a Nervous System. Here’s How to Calm It

Looking at companies as living organisms, with company culture acting as the nervous system. Includes practices for cultivating a more nurtured, responsive culture governed by the parasympathetic nervous system instead of fight or flight reactive ways of working governed by the sympathetic nervous system.

November/December 2016: How to Shift Your Workplace Culture, Starting with You

Practices and tips for how anyone can begin shifting the culture of their workplace by their everyday actions.

September/October 2016: 3 Lessons from a Case Study of a True Sharing Model

Exploring what a local economy built on sharing and mutual stewardship looks like in practice within the company culture of W.S. Badger.

July/August 2016: Leading from Wholeness

Featuring an interview with author, Nilima Bhat (Shakti Leadership), offering recommendations for how to approach leadership that honors and incorporates the healthy masculine and feminine leadership gifts.

May/June 2016: Lead Better by Putting People First

Exploration of what the leading with the Four Pillars of Humanity, Equality, Wholeness, and Collective Wisdom looks and feels like in practice through the eyes of a Millennial entrepreneur.

March/April 2016: Is Employee Ownership a Right or Privilege for Sustainable Businesses?

Interview with ESOP pioneer, Jerry Gorde exploring the challenging origins of the corporation structure and what social justice can look like for ESOPs.

January/February 2016: 7 Tips for Leading Conscious Business Growth

Company profile and tips from the game-changing mission driven company, Impact Makers and founder Michael Pirron.

November/December 2015: The Paradigm Shift to Shared Leadership

Foundational article outlining the philosophical underpinnings of GRTL’s Shared Leadership Framework™.

GRTL Videos & Podcasts


The New Women’s Movement

Lori participated with 24 other inspiring women leaders in The New Women’s Movement: A Global Virtual Summit hosted by Anahita Joon Tehrani in January 2017. Lori’s interview topic was The Undefended Heart: Upgrading Our Humanity Through Shared Leadership

Use password (below): 1111


Center for New Leadership Podcast Series

GRTL’s Lori Hanau and Jodi Clark were interviewed by Hillary Orsini of the Center for New Leadership to speak about their key premises and approaches to beginning with or “creating the container” for a group to co-create in.



Lori Hanau joins five other leaders to discuss the path to fulfillment at work at Sum+Substance Boston on October 22, 2015. 

Lori Hanau is the Founder & Principal of Global Round Table Leadership and shares her story of fulfillment at work at the Sum and Substance show in Boston.


Common Good Vermont

Lori Hanau joins host Lauren-Glenn Davitian in an interview on CCTV, a Media & Democracy station located in Burlington VT. The discussion covers Lori’s background, the development of Global Round Table Leadership, and what it takes to lead with humanity for the good of the whole.


Slow Living Summit

The following video from the 2013  Slow Living Summit covers the opening plenary session and begins with an introduction by Executive Director Orly Munzing. Lori Hanau then offers six guiding principles for the gathering and introduces Jeralyn Wilson and John Daly, who dedicate the Summit in memory of Keith Maillard and Helen Daly. Keith and Helen contributed immensely to the Summits over the last three years, and sadly, passed away this year.

Plenary remarks were given by Robert Repetto, senior fellow at the United Nations Foundation, and Jonathan Lash, President of Hampshire College and former head of the World Resources Institute.

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