GRTL Founder, Lori Hanau is a contributing writer for Conscious Company Magazine, offering insights on the philosophy and practices inspired by and intrinsic to her Shared Leadership Framework™. The following articles have appeared both in print and/or online editions. Click on the article titles to read the full articles.

Conscious Company Magazine


Workplaces, like our bodies, can be in a state of frenzied high-alert or productive calm. Here's how to lead your company's nervous system toward healing.


Even if you're not formally in charge, you have the power to lead your workplace toward a better culture. Here's how to start the shift.  


What would it look like to actually make sharing - not profit - the primary driver of our economy? The W.S. Badger Company provides a real-life example. 


What we think of as good leadership is way out of balance towards the masculine. Featuring an interview with author, Nilima Bhat (Shakti Leadership), offering recommendations for how to approach leadership that honors and incorporates the healthy masculine and feminine leadership gifts.


Shared Leadership offers a better framework for creating change in a new age. Here's how to start thinking about putting people first. 


Do you owe your employees a stake in their workplace? We talked it through with expert Jerry Gorde. 

Impact MakersCCM.png

Conscious businesses don't just grow for profit, they grow for purpose. Michael Pirron, Founder of  B Corp Impact Makers, explains how to without losing your soul. 


We've taken the top-down leadership model for granted for as long as business has been around. But now there's a better way to create workplace purpose.