Unleash the collective genius in your workplace… 

GRTL creates customized training experiences that empower groups and communities to align their culture for greater holistic effectiveness and impact. Our work is grounded in our strengths-based Shared Leadership Framework™. We also offer training in outcome measurement processes and practices which include our Compassionate Accountability Process™, featuring tools from our unique Results-Based Accountability framework.

Key outcomes from individual and group development work:

  1. Clear, accountable, courageous communications

  2. Community cultures grounded in shared humanity, authenticity and commitment to excellence

  3. Individual and group consciousness leading to actions that support mutual responsibility, empowerment and integrity

GRTL supports group cultures and practices that cultivate new muscles for leading together through:

  • Mindfulness

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Somatic and Nature-based Practices

  • Systems Consciousness

  • Ancient Wisdom Traditions

  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • Proven Accountability Measures and Processes

GRTL guides organizations and networks through short and longer term, social organizational development to bring their internal cultures into alignment with their outward work in the world. Examples of types of groups, transitions or development we have supported:

  • Executive Leadership Team Development

  • Cross-sector Team Development

  • Holistic Strategic Planning

  • Team Transitions/Integrations/Onboarding

  • Training for Committees, Boards, and Networks

  • Strategic Facilitation for Collective Impact

  • Framing of Company Cultural “Manifesto”

  • Training/Consulting for HR Professionals

  • Creation of Strengths-Based Individual and Program Performance Measures

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GRTL’s facilitation helped us realize it’s not just about getting the work done, but how we do it. When we started paying more attention to the process and interacting with each other authentically, we were much more effective. And it was so much more meaningful.
— Anders Ferguson, Veris Wealth Partners