The Elders


Executive Assistant


Melissa Whittemore earned her BA in Liberal Arts from Vermont College in 2003. Her academic pursuits in women’s studies, gender and cultural studies, writing, and art have fostered in her a love for beauty, reflection, and connection. She has been at GRTL since early 2009, and her warm and friendly nature, attention to detail and organizational skills have added greatly to the vibrancy to the office. Melissa’s deep sense of spirituality, her compassion, integrity, and care for others drive her desire to create a more equitable society. She brings these and many other qualities to bear in her work at GRTL.


Steward for Collective Awesome


Jodi Clark is an experiential educator and facilitator with experience in a number of fields from both the nonprofit and private sectors. She has woven a journey which has led her from co-founding a Renaissance Festival and teaching improvisational theater to supporting multi-sector collective impact initiatives around community health and well-being and economic development. Her passion is for  stewarding joyful, rigorous learning spaces for organizations and teams from diverse sectors through trainings, facilitation, and soulful accountability measurement. Jodi’s approach infuses organizational culture, project management, program development, and performance measurement with practices and wisdom from theater, martial arts, and nature-based leadership. She is a team member with GRTL and currently serves as a faculty partner at Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies Management Program, is a Core Consultant with their Center for New Leadership and a Results Based Accountability trainer. She is also a founding board member of Wolfgard Northeast. For more about Jodi, find her on LinkedIn.