Sharing Power and Collaborating, Starting with Yes, and. . .

By Lori Hanau

Many of us have personal and company missions that are about being of service in some way. Our missions are often explicitly or implicitly about inclusion, collaboration and sharing power for the benefit healing our world. Too often the way we work together, our daily habits, don’t line up to who we say we are or who we want to be, from the inside out. At Global Round Table Leadership, we consistently hear how hard it is for people to share power with their teammates, especially when one’s boss or “higher up” is a part of the team. 

 Recently we worked with a group of people who have worked together for over ten years and didn’t even self-identify as a team, let alone a leadership team. This is how siloed they were. And trust me, they were in pain.

 I want to call for a new day – right now. Does it have to be so hard to share power and really collaborate with our work mates, no matter where our position resides within the hierarchy? Sometimes – but not on June 27th. On this day, we are going play with the frame of the ensemble. This is one of the collaborative frameworks we use when we are training teams to work well….in vibrancy and high function….and play well together. In this strengths-based framework of the ensemble, we lead relationally, not positionally. We are equal learning and playing partners, guided by the ensemble principles. During our immersive training on June 27th, Building Beloved Community at Work: Let’s practice sharing power to REALLY collaborate!

We will be diving in to four principles of the ensemble:

  • Practice "Yes, and . . ." orientation 
  • Make strong offers to each other
  • Practice radical acceptance of strong offers
  • Remember to keep a sense of wonder and a spirit of play alive at all times. 

 What excites us about this work is that you can not only use these principles to strengthen your work place culture, creating a more healing environment, but these principles can be applied to your citizenship, your role as a family member and as a lover of life.

 Come play with us – Seriously (tee hee!) it is so time to start making life and work a more juicy experience. Here’s to freeing ourselves up to be better together.