Our Manifesto

Our vision of the NEXT economy is rooted in the genius of our grand diversity: our humanity, equality, wholeness, and collective wisdom. We consistently leave each other and the planet the better, for having been together. We have come into the deepest understanding of what it means to be human. We are bridging the inner and the outer “worlds”. We have become wise, therefore we are leading with love.

In the NEXT economy, we have come into this circular knowledge:

  • We believe that everyone deserves a seat at the table of justice, that there is a leader in every chair

  • We relate to each other as equals, before status, roles and expertise, so we treat ourselves, others and our planet with the wisdom of curiosity and kindness

  • We innovate and collaborate freely because we are free of the burden of hyper-competitiveness

  • We honor and value the diversity, uniqueness, brilliance and gifts that each of us carry

  • We hold ourselves and each other compassionately accountable, as we value sharing power with versus having power over and under each other

  • We choose to show up as our full selves in every moment, allowing our voices to be heard, especially when there is discomfort, pain and conflict, so that healing is constant

  • We exercise the power of empathy for the good of every being

  • We are joyful! Our inner joy is released when we are free to relate to ourselves and each other in these ways

Together we know more than any of us do on our own, so we face great challenges together in unity, in strength, and in shared power.