Launching with Love

By Lori Hanau

Throughout my own personal and professional growth, I have heard the whispers of building a community. This past year, spirit has been shouting repeatedly, loud and clear - “NOW!” Okay then. Now it is. The community will be online, so we are not limited by geographic boundaries. My vision is a gathering place and place of practice for those of us who care to build quality relationships, care for each other, share power, work inclusively as equal learning partners, commit to cultivating individual and collective wisdom and build workplace and network cultures of compassionate accountability.  We will source ourselves in shared leadership.

This is a Love Launch because love is what is coursing through me and my team as we launch this idea, bringing it to life. My co-host Jodi Clark and I are so excited to invite you to gather with us. We are creating this space with you in mind and will be in launch mode throughout February. We know life takes a village, and as this is a village we care to build in shared leadership, consider us intentionally “half-cooked”. This way you can add your parts to the mix, bringing us all into the artistry of being alive. Come visit us on, hosted on the Patreon platform: a creator’s community that beautifully weaves the concept of artist patronage with 21st century crowdsourcing. We would love for you to consider being an early adopter.

The potency of love, of doing what I love, what we each love is a true privilege. The courage to express ourselves in ways that connect us to our souls is a force of nature. I believe this force channels through our humanity, inviting each of us to be fully expressed. I want to pour this power into my community, and into your communities, as invited. I am so moved by you, so inspired by your care, that I jump out of bed every day with a courageous heart.