Announcing Our New Branding

We are so excited and proud to announce our new logo and colors as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand.

So, why the new look? We want to make sure that our visual branding matches our vision, mission, and work. We are thrilled that the amazing team at Guru helped us achieve this!


Let's start with the new color palette. We feel like it weaves together the inspiration, the joy, the magic and the practical. These colors remind us of our courage and nobility, our depths and substance, and the ocean and the earth of us.

And now, for the main event: the logo!


Our logo icon contains three symbols or runes:

  • Gyfu: which means “gift” (this is the central image, look for the “x” on its side)

  • Tyr: which means "ultimate victory after courageous sacrifice" (those are the “arrows” pointing inward)

  • Ken: which means "light, inspiration, and fire kindled."

Those who gather around the Round Table are attracted by the light of inspiration, shedding light into the places that were previously in the dark, even suddenly, knowing that they will need to be courageous and sacrifice their old stories and habits in order to serve something greater.

We hope this sneak peek into our thinking around our new branding elements helps fill them with meaning. You will be seeing these elements sprinkled through our website, our social media, and in other ways when you interact and communicate with us.

We invite you to the Round Table, ye Activists of Love!


Lori, Dhruva, Travis, Melissa, Kate & Tristan