Magic in Brooklyn at the Social Venture Circle: Lori

What a super powerful experience I just had at the Social Venture Circle conference last weekend. Two networks have merged. Social Venture Network and Investor's Circle. Valerie Red-Horse Mohl is our new executive director. This was the first conference in our united form. I thought hiring Valerie, the creation of our new name and our new logo were all brilliant moves!

I have been a member of Social Venture Network since 2002 and recently served on the Board of Directors as we were working toward a possible merger. Like many, I have been curious, even a little concerned to see if and how our cultures would begin to merge.

All I can say is - love and respect were in the house!! Of course, not in every solitary moment but love and respect certainly prevailed. I came away heartened by us all, inspired by the long weekend experience and by who we can continue to become together.

I am very proud that Global Round Table Leadership (GRTL) was an active part of the overall design, participation and facilitation. My team members Jac Jodi Clark and Kate McGowan, who facilitate with me in our Shared Leadership Framework team trainings hosted some of the workshops. Our Love Economy team, me with Julie Fahnestock, Sierra Flanigan and Greg Hemmings hosted a dinner and evening experience exploring the inquiry of leading with love in business for 105 of us at the Brownsville Community Culinary Center. It was a tremendous primer for the SVC gathering, with people feeling seen, heard, possibly challenged and opened. One of our guests, when asked why she cared to be there, said that she has been experiencing frameworks of hate succeed in our country, she prefers to participate in a framework of love. A very great warm up indeed!

The Love Economy team also hosted a story telling slam on Friday night, with amazing storytellers, including Duane Peterson, Natasha Lamb and Vince Ferguson talking about how love has shown up within their businesses. Vince's band, Cuzins the Band also took us on a phenomenal ride!

I had the privilege of opening the conference, being on a panel on inter generational well-being, hosted by Tyler Norris in collaboration with Parneet Pal. What a beautiful experience and whole group dialogue.

Because of a flight delay on the plane of the final speakers (all the speakers at this conference were so strong!), I was spontaneously asked to support the close of our gathering. We discussed where we felt hope throughout the conference and what we are remembering to walk away with in both spirit and action.

Both the daytime activities and the evening festivities, including our wonderful Hospitality Sweet, were filled with thoughtfulness, bravery, artistry and play! I was proud of my own natural fluidity with the different ways I was invited to participate.I had more ease with it all than I have had in the past. I was so proud and I have such respect for my teams. What ensembles!!! I'll be resting up for the next week or so. But I feel a light in me that is brighter from being there and it has not dimmed, even ten days out. 

How very grateful I am to be a part of this network. And a huge thank you to Isaac Graves, to Valerie and to whole the staff and board of SVC. I hope this glow is being felt by all. You certainly earned it!