GRTL @ B Corp Champions Retreat

Each year, B Lab, the organization which administers certification for all B Corporations, hosts a retreat for member organizations called the B Corp Champions Retreat. This event is an opportunity for Certified B Corps, along with nonprofit, academic, and aspiring partners all “focused on collective action and continuous improvement”, to gather together for three days of “meaningful collaboration, relationship building, and shared learning”. To learn more about the international importance of the B Corp movement, we recommend pausing to read this short article. GRTL is honored and grateful (as am I, on a personal level) to be a part of this innovative, passionate and committed community.

GRTL was fortunate to both participate and lead at this year’s Champions Retreat in New Orleans, Louisiana. In collaboration with Julie Fahnestock of B Storytelling and Greg Hemmings of Hemmings House, I represented GRTL as a co-founder and collaborator of the Love Economy, a movement of soul forward entrepreneurs committed to a new capitalism. This is a new branch of GRTL’s collaborative work. Our guiding question-- across all Love Economy events-- is “What would the economy look like if it was rooted in love?” Our Champions Retreat breakout session was called “The Love Economy: An Invitation to Explore Your Most Radiant Self, Company, and Community,” co-hosted by Greg, Julie, and myself. We had a packed room, and lots of brave hearts willing to open in vulnerable and authenticity-- certainly risky business in today’s world! During the plenary session on the first day of the Retreat, a participant of our panel stood up (in a room of over 550 people!) to share that she had been cracked open by her experience in the Love Economy breakout. We were told by many attendees that our session supported an even richer experience for them at the conference overall. Some said it even gave them more confidence to show up and be really present.

In the coming weeks, we’re taking the love we felt in New Orleans and sharing it amongst our Northeast family. November 1st - 4th we’ll be at the IC-SVN conference in Brooklyn: “Bridging Profit and Purpose”. We are one of three groups opening the conference on November 1, with an experience that’s similar to our panel at the B Corp Retreat, but freshly designed for IC-SVN and our New York regional lovers. This event is open to conference participants and the general public. This time, Sierra Flanigan, of and the fourth partner in the Love Economy collaboration, is flying in from her business school in Switzerland to join us!  Julie, Sierra, Greg, and I would love to see you at IC-SVN, even if you are not attending the IC-SVN conference. Sign up to participate today.

The Certified B Corps community, IC-SVN, and the Love Economy hold spaces for us to build a movement of shared leadership and love unabashed that will create a more inclusive, more compassionate, more connected economy. Join us.